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Welcome to gluecksbazillus.
gluecksbazillus shows a selection of my projects. It is a documentation of sound installations, guided tours and
urban interventions.
My name: Uli Schuster. I work as artist, researcher and tour guide in Berlin.

blog: Kopftuch für den Herrn.
info: mail / CV
instagram: @bazillus (Photography)

Institut for Urban City Research: Freunde der Stadt

1997 - 2021 Berlin

What game is being played here?

What game is being played here?

Who owns the city? A guided tour as a location-based game invites to explore the gentrification process and history along the Oranienstreet in Berlin.

blackest black

for a blind person (blackest black version)

Audio production - Is it the mind that can explain everything and every moment to us? Or are the senses that take us into an experience for which there are no right words?

Cliffhanger Photo series

Cliffhanger - Photo series

Abstract architecture, based on photos taken in over 50 cities aroud the world. Developed with multiple analog and digital exposures.

architecture - eye on detail

architecture - eye on detail 3

Details of architecture, interior and excerpts from the urban space. The photo series is constantly being expanded. The photobook contains 24 photos.

Das magische Dreieck

Das magische Dreieck

A guided tour as location based game.The urban space is transformed into a playing field. History becomes visible and locatable.

architecture - eye on detail

architecture - eye on detail 2

Details of architecture, interior and excerpts from the urban space. An ongoing series based on the app instagram. The photobook contains 39 photos.

architecture - eye on detail

architecture - eye on detail

Details of architecture, interior and excerpts from the urban space. An ongoing series based on the app instagram. The photobook contains 39 photos.

Richtlinien der Politik

Lights of the Metro

The metro stations in Moscow. Jewellery of architecture and light. The set contains 44 photos of luminary.

Richtlinien der Politik

PdR 12-04

Intervention in the public. The project RdP 12-04 remembers with a drawing on the Palace Square in Berlin the historical election of the government from 1990 in the German Democratic Republic.

Entartete Kunst

Barlachs Schwebender Gottvater

Intervention in the public. At the location where once 17000 pieces of art (named by the National Socialist Degenerate art) were stored, a billboard works as eyecatcher to remember.


DON'T PANIC Towel Shop

Con-Temporary Shops: In honour to Douglas Adams, the author of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' on the 25th of may fans celbrate the Towel Day. The DON'T PANIC Towel Shop offfers the right towel for that.

Stadtforscher Logo Kino International


The city Berlin from a new perspective: Guided tours + special events in Berlin by the group STADTFORSCHER. (german only)

Körperschall Lautsprecher

The Physical HoT SpoT

The audio installation 'The Physical HoT SpoT' connects the physical presence with content which disappeared from the field of vew. Te boy of the user is the plugin. Elbows and hands function as physical headphone.

dutch lion


(Oranjehemden = the dutch national football jersey)
The contemporary representation of the football jersey as base for a view on the dutch history and new ideas what a national shirt coud represent. A project in cooperation with Maaike Gottschal.

Hebbel Theater

Bartleby speaks to Kaufmann

The audio installation ‘Bartleby speaks to Kaufmann’ transforms the attitude of Bartleby’s refusal in a creeping process into a instrumental space composition of architecture. Audio CD - Duration: 52,26 minutes Production: ‘Belagerung Bartleby’ at the Hebbel theatre, Berlin

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my book - your personal apple book

The mobile computers of the company apple are equipped with their well known and lit logo on the rear side of the display. Replace it with your individual logo.

Logo Starter Kit Berlin

Starter Kit Berlin

The New Berliner is a characteristic of the city. The neighbourhood he settles in is his pride. Show your origin and make Berlin your home. The Starter Kit shows you the way in three steps.

Logo Golf at gluecksbazillus


To interrupt daily life by doing a performance is like having your garden in your handbag. Sport is a question of mentality. There is no need for a golf course. You can exercise in any daily life situation. Performances in Amsterdam, Paris and New York.



Concepts for the urban space + city guidance. The group of mobile city guides [Arbeitskreis mobiler Stadtfuehrer - AKMS] was founded in 1999. The group offers a programme tailored to the respective location. Guided tours, all-inclusive vacation in 120 minutes and a specialized travel agency are some of the services.
www.akms.de (german only)

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Views, a typography of the everyday life in a non linear documentary film. With the topic window as a interface between private nd public the filmshow views of four households and their inhabitants. The people speak about their window decoration but also about obsrvations and the eperinces with the social environment. Views got on the int. video and new media festival VIPER in Basel a nomination in the category international competition / CD-Rom

Logo See You See Mee

See You See Mee

Friendly gestures with mobile devices. 3 digital picture stories based on the idea of a new technical innovation. The stories show the advantages of a feature and the incalculable effects on the privacy of the users. CD-Rom in cooperation with Nicole Bednarzyk

Logo braille

the central perspective for a blind person

audio production - Thoughts on the understanding of spatial orientation. 1 min

Logo human resources

Human resources

Photos taken with a self-made pinhole camera. The original prints are unique and printed only once.