towel day

Audio Installation

Audio Installation

The Physical HoT SpoT

Audio installation

The Physical HoT SpoT offers an interface where it is possible to use your own body to listen to audio. The installation connects the physical presence with local content which disappeared from the field of view.

The technical infrastructure is based on specific speakers which are able to transmit sound through the body. Elbows and hands function as physical headphone. The content of the HoT SpoTs is based on a local research in the austrian city Innsbruck.

As part of the project five flags were put up on the terrace and over the street. The bath towels (140 x 70 cm) were printed with silkscreen in reference to Douglas Adams.

Table 1 Innsbruck - N47°16' E11°23'

In 1971 Douglas Adams were traveling through europe. On his stop in Innsbruck at the camping ground in the district Reichenau he had the idea to the radio play 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. At the place where the camping ground was situated today you find a residential home for elderly with a green area and a playground. For the audio installation one of the original table's from the green area was taken (photo at the bottom).

The recording of the HoT SpoT: A short encyclopedia of words which were shaped by Douglas Adams. Here you can listen to the content:

Table 2 Ötztal - N46°52' E11°01'

In 1926 parts of the film 'The mountain eagle' by Alfred Hitchcock were shot at the Ötztal. The film has disappeared. Just a set of stills and photos from the production set were found in the private archive of A. Hitchcock. The cirumstances at the film set were quiet unusual. For the reason that they were several times surprised by the snow the local fire brigade produced a thaw. The film 'The mountain eagle' also known as 'Fear of God' is considered one of the 100 most wanted films of the world.

The recording of the HoT SpoT: A summary of the film and the circumstances on the production set.


The background of the towel day - The commemoration day for Douglas Adams.

The photo gallery of the flags at the artist residence Büchsenhausen.

The project 'The Physical HoT SpoT' is developed in the context of my artist in residence at the Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen in Innsbruck, Austria.

Speaker: Katrin Daliot