Performance series

"things continuously fall out of their context" (german: ununterbrochen fallen sachen aus ihren zusammenhängen) was the title for my first Golf - Performance. Filmed on super 8 in the centre of Amsterdam. Played with an issue of a Japanese newspaper.

Once started, it was the beginning of a new companion. In Paris, I have used the extremely short green phase for pedestrians at a traffic light to roll out my turf.

As a guest in New York, I have taken the opportunity to briefly walk onto the roof of a house to take a swing towards the horizon.

There is always time and space for a golf swing everywhere. It is a question of inner attitude. The true golfer does not need a golf course.

things continuously fall out of their context became a motto whose attitude led me to the english title of my work: to interrupt daily life by doing a performance is like having your garden in your handbag.

New York

The films were made in the mid-90s and their size and compression were chosen so that they ran smoothly on the Internet with a 56k modem.