Plenar hall

Grundriss der Säle im ehemaligen palast der Republik

There is a photo gallery with bigger images and a documentation of the performance available.

RdP 12-04

Intervention in the public

The project RdP 12-04 remembers the election of the government from 1990 in the German Democratic Republic. The only election which was done under circumstances of the democratic guidelines and rights.

The project
Where once the Palace of the Republic on the Palace Square stood, today in 2010 you will find a field of grass. In size and shape it mirrows still the building which hosted the Plenar hall and a huge hall for all kind of different events. With a drawing of the the ground plan of those two rooms they have become visible again for a certain time.
For the drawing I used a machine which is normally known from the football stadiums to draw the lines of the field.

The Title: RdP 12-04
RdP, stands for the term Richtlinien der Politik. Which means guidelines of the politics and to draw up the guidelines describes the job of the chancellor of Germany. As well as RdP is a nice switch from PdR which was the signature and logo of the Palace of the Republic. And 12-04 refers to the date in 1990 when the constituent assembly took place. In 2010 it was the day of the performance.

The background
On april, 12th, 1990 Lothar de Maizière was elected by the east german parliament to serve as Prime Minister (Ministerpräsident) of the german Democratic Republic (GDR). The election of the new prime minister and the government took place in the plenary hall of the Palace of the Republic. Preceded was the first and only democratically election in the GDR. The pieceful revolution from 1989 found the way from streets to the paliament and were the foundation pillars of the reunification of Germany.