screenshot Einblicke


documentary film, made in a non linear and interactive structure.
2003 - University of the Arts, Berlin

Windows as interface between privacy and public.
Views shows four households and their inahbitants.The people speak about their window decoration but also about observations and the experiences with the social environment.

Views has its own structure of interlaced fragments. After an introduction film, in which the inhabitants introduce themselves, it is the decision of the user how to go on. The fragments are linked to each other by keywords. While watching a sequence new otions to continue will pop up in the menu. The offered films are represented by an icon (a portrait of the 4 different dwellings), the name of the inhabitants and a keyword of the content.

Views uses the korsaskow system, developed by Florian Thalhofer.

Views was shown on different exhibitions and presentations through europe. On the swiss new media festival VIPER the film received a nomination in the category International Competition / CD Rom.

(language: german)