Hebbel Theater

Hebbel Theater


Audio installation
In cooperation with Robin Carpenter

Architecture as instrument. The building of the Hebbel theatre transforms the attitude Bartleby's gradually into an instrumental space composition.
The mode of operation:
The live spoken text window from ' Bartleby, the scrivener ' is recorded. Subsequently, the recording is brought in again to into the theatre space and recorded by a second computer. This process of bringing in and recording is constantly repeated. Slowly the space oscillations of the theatre space transform the text to a composition of architecture. During the recording at night only the language of Bartleby is present in the Hebbel theatre. ‘Bartleby speaks to Kaufmann ' consists the total play time of 52,26 min of 25 tracks (bringing in) devoted. The designation of the individual tracks result from the current time of the accommodation and make so the playlist a document of the process.

After termination of the recording it was brought in at 2 places over speakers to the end of the stage into the theatre space. Additional it was to be listened at a seat in the second rank. Listened individual over headphone with view into the hall.

Bartleby speaks to Kaufmann is the investigation of a specific place. The piece is an audible business card of architecture. The procedure of the recording is based on the work of Alvin Lucier ' I am sitting in a room '. Meeting one another architecture created by Oskar buyer and the literary figure of the refusal ‘Bartleby' are basis for the argument between in the classical style originally created theatre space and the current discourse of the theatre of the present.

Dokumentation der Aufnahme - Gesamtspielzeit: 52,26 min

Track Name Dauer Komponisten
01 040421_0147h_two01 2:05 Carpenter & Schuster
02 040421_0252h_two02 2:05 Carpenter & Schuster
03 040421_0301h_two03 2:05 Carpenter & Schuster
04 040421_0305h_two04 2:05 Carpenter & Schuster
05 040421_0311h_two05 2:05 Carpenter & Schuster
06 040421_0319h_two06 2:05 Carpenter & Schuster
07 040421_0324h_two07 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
08 040421_0329h_two08 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
09 040421_0336h_two09 2:05 Carpenter & Schuster
10 040421_0343h_two10 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
11 040421_0348h_two11 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
12 040421_0352h_two12 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
13 040421_0356h_two13 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
14 040421_0401h_two14 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
15 040421_0410h_two15 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
16 040421_0414h_two16 2:07 Carpenter & Schuster
17 040421_0419h_two17 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
18 040421_0423h_two18 2:05 Carpenter & Schuster
19 040421_0427h_two19 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
20 040421_0432h_two20 2:07 Carpenter & Schuster
21 040421_0438h_two21 2:07 Carpenter & Schuster
22 040421_0441h_two22 2:07 Carpenter & Schuster
23 040421_0444h_two23 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
24 040421_0448h_two24 2:06 Carpenter & Schuster
25 040421_0451h_two25 2:07 Carpenter & Schuster

Belagerung Bartleby - a theatral installative interruption for 100 hours. A project in the Hebbel theatre Berlin on 21. 04. - 25. 04. 2004.

Bartleby, the scrivener (1853) of Herman Melville (1819 - 1891)
Oskar Kaufmann (1873 - 1956) Hungarian architect and interieur designer. Architect of the Hebbel theatre and the Volksbühne Berlin

The installation is based on the work 'I am sitting in a room' (1969) by Alvin Lucier. (viz.:electroacoustic music and computer music: History - aesthetics - methods - systems - author: Martin Suppe)