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Maaike Gottschal (dutch + english)

Uli Schuster One-click (german + english)

About us

Maaike Gottschal


Educated as fashion designer and working under the name THISISNOTPARIS I try to discuss dress in its contemporary use and representation function. What can contemporary dress tell us about the way culture is produced and consumed and how is it related to (personal) identity. THISISNOTPARIS starts where dress design stops. It does not provide a new design or form solution but offers concepts and treatments. Dress in it's use condition provokes a kind of chaotic creativity that turns every garment into a battle dress or survival suit. The user has to deal with a reality and it's imperfection and activate this.

The project ORANJEHEMDEN is closely connected to my long term project ‘United by Stripes’. The aim of the 'United by Stripes' project is to re-discuss the stripe and its contemporary meaning and function. Focussing on the contemporary meaning of stripes there is no possibility of ignoring soccer. In may 2003 i organized a workshop for kids to design their own football jersey. Afterwards they played a game against a local Berlin team. On the basis of this material Casco asked for a project about soccer shirts and representation.


Oranjehemden is a project by Maaike Gottschal and Uli Schuster.
Supported by the Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst (BKVB) and Casco.

Photos of the exhibition were taken by Edo Kuipers